Just a blog dedicated to Ms. Perry.

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tininhaz said: Hey sweetie! How are you? I just want to say that i live Katy and your tumblr account! So i love you and katy! Good night! (Because i'm in Brazil, because i'm brazilian!)

I love you and katy too! letz fangurlllll!

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#katy perry  #edit
You are my heart locker lover keep me walking on a wire. Why you trying to make me your enemy all I really need is a little peace I just wanna be your lover.
Anonymous said: Where are you from?

we are from all over the world! but mostly america brasil, us……….

Anonymous said: You're not katy because she hasn't got tumbrl. Your blog is beautiful, but you're not her.

OMG thank you :,) that’s so sweet, you are beautiful too!